We Are An Advertising Agency Created To Turn Your Precious Stones Into Jewelry.

About Us

Buta Group Media Information Technologies Inc. is a comprehensive IT team. The creative team caters to all of their clients' needs from A to Z. They work in areas such as social media, web design / software, e-commerce, graphic design, brand advocacy, and digital marketing that started with corporate identity. Turnkey projects or individual projects start strictly in accordance with strategic plans. As a result, the customer only approves the prepared work. Bout's group does everything with a minimal budget! We see our clients' dreams as our own, and that's where we start.

What makes us different?

We consider our clients' money as our own and do not waste it. We take the principle of being different from others as the main principle. First, we understand the business, then the target audience and consider each idea accordingly. We follow the work done in the industry and look for work that isn't done. We refer to competitors of our clients, but do not consider them to be competitors. We know that being a strong team is the key to success. We build long term relationships with our clients. We care about quality, not the number of customers. We like to be sincere, but we cannot take frivolity. First we research, dream about your dream, and then we do the job. We are interested, we read.


Ebru Edanur Şentürk

Industry Engineering

Ferda Betül Eren

Industry Engineering

İsmail Can Koç

IT Specialist

Ahmet Burak Bayram

Industry Engineering

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